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Using Steward’s reports to improve your greyhound betting system

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Nothing beats watching the live action unfold when assessing genuine greyhound form for your greyhound betting, but when that is not possible, what provides the ‘next best’ source of racing information? Steward’s reports and race comments are one potential avenue, but how best can they be used in your foolproof betting system? 

Steward’s reports can be useful additions to your greyhound betting system

Steward’s reports

When it s not possible to watch racing live, or review a video, the Steward’s reports can give a very good indication of how an earlier race unfolded. A keen racing eye can see beyond the basic information of final positions and finishing times, and notice more of the subtle qualities that can identify future winners or help avoid backing losers when betting on greyhound races. While handicappers and racing enthusiasts would always prefer to see the action themselves, the vastly experienced stewards can also do a very good job.

A report will give a brief description of the race, but particularly noting why some dogs will have been unable to run to their full potential;

“KING (5) and DANCER (6) were checked to the rear early. RICK VILLA (2) and CASH COW (3) contested the lead early before RICK VILLA (2) drew away when turning out of the back. ENGLISH ROSE (7) became hampered behind CASH COW (3) approaching the home turn. PRESIDENT (4) raced wide when entering the home straight.

Reading the report

The above report notes that boxes five and six were both checked, but boxes two and three were both able to get away quickly. This information is always useful, and just adds a little value to the sort of early pace information that the race card provides. An unexplained poor split time, might be forgiven if a steward’s report notes some form of hampering in that particular race – rather than any inconsistency with the greyhound itself.

The later comments then highlight events as the race continued to develop. Box three would appear to have slipped back from contention, and slowed up box seven in the process. This is obviously key information when assessing those two dogs further down the line – box three maybe lacks the pace to compete at that level, while box seven could, and should, improve on this performance next time out – assuming it does not make a habit of finding trouble.

Greyhound betting system strategy and the steward’s reports

To gain full value from any race report, the reader has to have faith that the report will identify the sorts of incidents that will be important to that specific reader building their greyhound betting system. If reports rarely pick up the really key nuggets of information that the reader needs, it may not be of great use. To judge the quality of reports from a particular track, it is worth trying to view both a race video, and the steward’s report (where both exist) and making a judgement on whether the information required is being reported. The other method of course, is to put full faith in the information until results prove otherwise. The only weakness of this approach is it allows handicappers to pin blame on the race assessment of others, and this is not always helpful. Punters rarely need an excuse to blame others for their own shortcomings in spotting value!




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