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Greyhound trainer form and betting system strategy

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One area of betting strategy often overlooked concerns the form of the greyhound trainer. It is an area of greyhound racing analysis which can prove invaluable for punters. It can identify some winners, some dogs that offer solid betting value, and perhaps most importantly, highlight a few runners likely to under perform and which therefore should be eliminated from your betting system. Read on to see why trainer form plays a key role in selection.

The form of a greyhound trainer can sometimes be as important as the form of the runners themselves when creating a winning betting system

Greyhound trainer form

The one area of trainer form that does tend to get picked up, is that of a kennel in red hot form. When greyhounds are going in left, right and centre, some of the racing public will pick that up. The real judgement however, is whether the form constitutes a clear signal that the dogs are over performing. A string of odds on favourites winning is clearly good for the kennel in question, but the real indicator of a ‘hot streak’ is when the less fancied dogs are going well too – and maybe even some perennial strugglers are starting to show some ability. This indicates a genuine up-tick in all the runners from that stable and should certainly be noted. 

All trainers, no matter how experienced or well thought of, will suffer highs and lows throughout the season. There are a huge variety of reasons why this may be the case, but whatever the cause, it is something that punters need to be aware of when developing a proven greyhound betting system. These trends, when significant enough, can indicate some solid betting value – or otherwise.

Poor Trainer form

One key aspect of form that is perhaps overlooked by the majority of the greyhound racing public, is that of a kennel that is struggling. Gamblers will naturally be looking for winning form for their betting system, whether considering a dog or a trainer. Poor form is generally ignored – a line goes through that selection and the process moves on. Trainer form however, can give some vital clues as to those yards where the greyhounds are not running to their true level. Again, the reasons for a poor spell of form are many and varied. The most damaging, and perhaps most common, is some sort of big or illness running through the entire string. Individual dogs will always see times fluctuating, and likewise, they may suffer dips in form or noticeable improvement. When these dips affect all the greyhounds under one owner’s care, bettors need to take note. 

Short priced favourites running for a trainer out of form are prime candidates for taking on. If the team have suffered some unexpected reversals, and the solid dogs in the string are missing out on frame places too, it is a clear signal that all is not well. While opposing these types of selections is one route for profit from your free betting system, it is equally important to check the trainer’s recent record before backing a selection. Betting value is always the key and trainer form plays a significant role in that – mainly because poor form is not always noticed or included in the layers considerations. Whenever that is the case, punters need to take heed.

Trainer form then, is a piece of greyhound information that can often go under the radar of the layers and can therefore be a valuable addition when creating a winning greyhound betting system. It can pin point extra winners, or bigger priced dogs that can make the frame. It can also however, highlight a few favourites who are too short in the betting markets and prevent one or two losers, where backing a selection that will potentially under perform, can be avoided.


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