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Using Greyhound Systems Effectively

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Greyhound systems

Greyhound systems are used to narrow the betting field and highlight dogs that have potential value. Choosing the right greyhound betting system can involve considerable trial and error. Once you’ve found a betting system you are happy with, the next challenge becomes applying it to the betting style that you are comfortable with to ensure maximum effectiveness in terms of returns. has provided the tools for devising a system, or at least refining any home handicapping, so the next stage is using those selections effectively.

Betting systems reality

Ideally, a greyhound system, or handicapping method would simply pump out the winner of every race, leaving the joyous punter to do nothing more than wander up to collect the winnings. While there are probably plenty of systems that claim they can deliver that, none can. The truth is that any selection method will still leave the end user with plenty to think about, even after the number crunching or race analysis has been done. The dog marked as the ‘best’ may only have a small advantage over its rivals and be a tiny price with bookmakers. More commonly, there is no clear winner and two, three, or maybe all the entrants have equally strong claims. This does not have to mean there are no opportunities to profit.

Profit, not strike rate

If a system can narrow the field down in searching for the potential winner, then that is clearly a huge advantage. Any greyhound with genuine claims can then be investigated in even more detail and this may well throw up some value in the betting market. If four dogs look to be in with a realistic and equal chance of winning, and one has drifted to double figures in the betting markets, then a bet can be struck in absolute confidence that clear value has been taken. Three times out of four the bet goes down, but a 25% strike rate at 10/1 is plenty good enough for long term profit. Let others worry about ‘strike rates’ – profit is king.

Look to exotics for value

Similarly, if two greyhounds are head and shoulders above their peers, then why try and split them? Use the exotic bets when the information at hand suggests they can be of use. Time spent trying to see which dog to back can be better used elsewhere – use the Quinella to make full use of the race analysis. The higher risk of missing out entirely can be offset by larger payouts, and on time saved. Likewise, the Duet bet could be of help in bigger fields. Judging betting value is more challenging with these types of bets, but intuition, alongside the strength of results from the system or handicapping method can guide what might be a good enough price to take.

Lay betting

One area of handicapping that is often overlooked in terms of betting is when absolute no-hopers show up. Dogs out of their depth or simply outclassed. Lay betting, or laying, is still a concept that some racing fans are not familiar with, but if a selection method can guide users to the stronger dogs, it must therefore be identifying the dross as well. Greyhounds falling down the ratings may have been judged on past exploits and priced competitively – old heroes who still attract money despite not placing for a long time. If a greyhound drops out of the bottom of a system, then laying becomes a key part of the successful bettors armoury. A ‘lay’ is a simple method of betting against a single greyhound, and can be achieved easily on betting exchanges. If a race looks very tight and picking a winner looks tough – why not simply back against the dog with no chance who’s odds are far too short? The laws of betting value apply of course, but laying can provide profit where there might not otherwise have been any.

More than face value

Simply backing the highest rated greyhound in a given system may not necessarily prove profitable long term, and such performance can cause some punters to write off the selection method as a failure – but prediction is never that clear cut, and some analysis and effort will always be required in order to get the maximum returns.




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